How it works

Rather than putting you into a classroom and subjecting you to 8 hours of lectures, we have moved into the 21st century and are using modern techniques to achieve the academic goals for courses.
The academic portion of the course is conducted online. There are about 100 pages of multi-media presentations. There are dozens of videos and a few quizzes to help you learn the techniques that you will use during the practical application portion of the course. The online course is completely self-paced and mastery based. That is to say that you can spend as little or as much time as you wish absorbing the material. You can only proceed onto the next phase of the course after your knowledge of the material has been evaluated. These evaluations are in the form of short quizzes given every few pages. The quizzes are not particularly difficult, they are primarily to ensure that you have actually read the text and watched the videos.
At the end of the academic course, you will take a final exam. After you have passed the final exam, you have now fulfilled the prerequisites for attending the Clinic associated with that course. At the Clinic we have a briefing, and then begin the "hands on" portion of learning. No time for lectures or "boot camp" type activities, just you and your pre-qualified classmates focusing on the essentials!
The affiliated instructor will collect the clinic fee from you before begining this exciting training event. There may also be ammunition and range usage fees associated with the clinic event, too. Your instructor will inform you about all charges to be incurred before scheduling your clinic. Prepare to have fun!
Your affiliated instructor will deftly guide you through the exercises that are proven to result in success. Because you have actually first encountered the techniques in the online course, the instructor's role will be that of a "coach" , rather than a teacher. This "teaching team" approach makes for a non-threatening environment and allows you to absorb and master the skills presented in the Clinic.

Catalog Of Courses

Choose from the listing below which online course is right for you. After finishing the online course you will be elgible to attend and Live Fire Clinic supervised by an instructor or coach. After successfully completing the Live Fire Clinic activities you will be able to apply for the appropriate license or certificate from the issuing agency.
Course Name
Self-Defense Fundamentals
Florida Carry Concealed Weapon
Florida Non-Resident Carry Concealed Weapon
Iowa Concealed Weapon Permit
Missouri Concealed Carry Endorsement
Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit
Intermediate Pistol
Instructor Orientation
Georgia Concealed Weapon Permit
Coming Soon
Hunting Rifle Operator
Coming Soon
M-14/M1A Operator
Coming Soon
New Hampshire Concealed Pistol/Revolver License
Coming Soon
Self-Defense Shotgun Fundamentals
Coming Soon
M-16/AR-15 Operator
Coming Soon
Minnesota Concealed Weapon Permit
Coming Soon
Wisconsin Concealed Weapon Permit
Coming Soon
Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit
Coming Soon
Phased Plasma Rifle (40 Watt Range)
Coming Soon

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